IT Security is fundamental to the success of any business today. The easiest way to achieve the required level of security within your IT environment is to use, develop, and deploy open source security and network monitoring technologies.


Unix based open source IT Security tools are stable, scalable, and cost efficient as well as giving your organisation the level of transparency required to provide assurance that what is being deployed is what is required.

Security and technology are our passions and we believe in open source development, but we will ensure that as a client you always get the best service as well as the most reliable and secure solution for your needs.

Due to the nature of our work our core values are unyielding absolute integrity, and competence. These two values are applied in all aspects of our work, but especially in our access to and stewardship of your systems and data.


While we have a suburban office, most of our work can be carried out from where ever we happen to be through VPN access to the company’s cloud servers.  Although our team of four periodically meet to discuss penetration testing and business strategy most of our interaction is virtual and most of our work is done from home.
Having a minimal office has several advantages:

we save  on not having to pay exorbitant amounts for corporate office space – savings which are passed on to our clients in lower daily rates;

We don’t have to use cars or public transport to get to and from the office;

We can work from anywhere, so if a client has an issue, it can be addressed and solved immediately;

We minimise  green house gas emissions both at our homes and in the office.

Theflexibility on where and when to work means  our employee’s productivity is increased which once again means better value for our clients.

We support cycling.  FF provides its employees with bicycles.  As our head office is in Sydney, when we do meet we use our bicycles to get to our meetings.

We support public transport.  Where commercially feasible FF employees use buses and trains.  When we are working on a project in a city that has a city cycle scheme – such as Brisbane we purchase a 6 monthly subscription and use cycles to commute between our hotel, shops and client offices.

We support the use of renewable reading materials.  We provide e-book readers to all our employees and a pay for up to date soft copy technical reading materials.  We support non-DRM publishers such as Feisty Duck.

We own physical versions of our business critical servers, however for non business critical we utilise cloud services which further reduces  our carbon dioxide footprint .